Must Have Packing Tips To Make Life Easier

I can count with one hand how many times I have moved. Not much at all! This time around I was moving as a family of 5. Meaning more things and those “things” sure add up. I couldn’t believe how many boxes I had and how much stuff actually fit into a 2 bedroom. We moved to a 4 bedroom and wow! Amazing how everything I had at the old place fit perfect in my new home. Here are some Must Have Packing Tips to Make Life Easier.

Start Packing Early

I started packing 6 weeks early! A few boxes every weekend. It helps to also, get rid of things you no longer need. I pretty much donate every a few months or whenever the local truck is in my area for pick up. With kids there’s always stuff to get rid of since they just keep growing!

It is not overwhelming, when you start packing early, as you can pack a few things at a time and not all at once. My family and I were heading to Disney a week before moving. You could imagine how overwhelming it was. Packing for a move and a vacation! I was starting to feel claustrophobic with so many boxes! This was another reason I started packing early. We were going on vacation and I have 3 kids. Therefore, I could not dedicate a whole day of packing. Besides, it is super tiring.

What Do You Need to Start Packing

The first thing you need in order to start packing is boxes! Before buying boxes, ask your neighbors, friends and family for boxes. Boxes can become super expensive when you need more than a dozen. People are always moving, especially in the spring. Therefore, you will find a few donations. I lucked out and did not have to buy even one box! The Nextdoor App is amazing. It is an app where you can ask neighbors questions, donations, sell items and in general keep you posted with things that happen in the neighborhood. I was able to get U-Haul moving boxes from 2 neighbors who had recently moved; all for FREE! There was one sketchy person who insisted in coming by my place to give me one box even though I said I would pick it up. I ended up ignoring that message. Not all people are honest. Go with your gut. Pick up the items at their home or at a public place. Most people just leave the boxes on their front steps.

Packing Needs:
  • Boxes
  • Packing tape – I probably used about 4 rolls
  • Bubble wrap for glass/TV or anything fragile
  • I also bought wrapping tape (it’s like cling wrap but in larger quantity) However, I didn’t use much, as I was moving local and decided last minute I didn’t need it. However, if you are doing a far move, I recommend you wrap your furniture. I do regret not wrapping one piece of furniture. A part of the leg broke. Somehow it still stands, for now!
  • Marker to label boxes
Moving Packing Tips

Packing Tips

  • Find FREE boxes before purchasing
  • Donate anything you don’t use = less things to pack
  • Wrap glass in paper bags =less packing supplies to buy
  • Save boxes when you do online ordering
  • Save bubble wrap and packing materials you receive from home deliveries
  • Pack non-essentials, such as decor and seasonal items first
  • As you remove frames and wall art from the wall, seal any holes
  • Dust and clean any marks on the wall as you remove art off the wall
  • Buy new cleaning supplies for the new place and ditch the old ones
  • Throw out expired food
  • Have plenty of snacks on move in day (especially for the kiddos)!
  • Make a note to change address with bank, credit cards, doctors, work, school loans, etc. once you move

Good Luck on your move!

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