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What are the best beach foods to pack? Beach days are fun and can be relaxing if you pack the right stuff, along with food! We all know beach days are hot, long and we tend to get sleepy after such a long day. One thing, I can’t leave the house without, is food on beach days! Even if I plan to stay for just a few hours, snacks are a must! Here are my favorite beach foods to pack!

Bring Water

Please don’t forget water. Avoid all other drinks and bring water! You will get thirsty and anything else with added sugar will only make you thirstier. A good tip is to freeze some bottled waters overnight to pack in your cooler, along with some cold waters. By the time you get to the beach your frozen waters have already started melting.


Bringing cold subs or sandwiches is an easy meal to make or buy, ahead of time. I like to bring plastic containers with the meal already prepared. Less messes and less sand to pass around! My favorite sub to make for the beach is Italian subs. They are filling and just overall satisfying. If your not a sub person bring sandwiches. These are pretty easy. Ham and cheese, turkey and cheese and tuna are some go tos. Sometimes I even bring Hawaiian sweet rolls and make the sandwiches right on the beach. This is convenient when my family and I decide to do a beach day in the spur of the moment. You can make just about anything with Hawaiian sweet rolls. I love making Turkey Cuban Sliders with them as well.


Salads is another easy meal to pack for the beach. Tuna salads or make a salad with your leftovers. Many grocery stores now sell premade salads that come in a bowl with a fork provided, as well! They are pretty good but not very filling. Salads are nice to have, as they are filling and cool to have on a hot day.


Depending on what time of the day you plan to head to beach, a parfait is perfect. Use a bento container to put your parfait ingredients in each compartment. Put it together at the beach instead of at home. You will still have a nice crunchy granola to add to your yogurt. I enjoy making these when we head to the beach for just a few hours in the morning.

Yes To Fruit

Fruit is a must for the beach! Fruit is sweet is also soo juicy! Grapes and watermelon are probably my favorite fruits for the beach. Grapes are easy to eat, no peeling required and watermelon is 92% water. Watermelon is perfect for the beach. I also love anything watermelon! Check out my watermelon recipes:


Don’t forget the snacks! Kids love their chips but we adults like some crunch, as well! Bring chips and salsa or pita chips and hummus. Cereal and oatmeal bars are also good to bring. Sweet and extra filling.

Whatever you decide to bring to the beach make sure water and fruit is on your list! Definitely must haves on my list!

What are you favorite beach foods to pack?


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