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5 Kid Friendly Meals to Make Any Day of The Week

Kids can be picky. I am lucky my kids are not picky and eat everything I make. However, there are days I make certain meals for my husband and I. There are meals that I know they may not be interested in and I don’t feel like making extra food for no reason. There are also times when we order sushi or something the kids don’t eat. I will say my oldest likes sushi but not all 3 kids do yet. Therefore, I may make something for the kids instead of ordering a bunch of different meals. I too enjoy these kid friendly meals. Here are 5 kid friendly meals to make any day of the week!

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Cheeseburger Wrapped in Lettuce (No Bun & Healthy)

We all know how to make burgers, right? I am here to show you a healthier way to eat your burger. A cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce instead of adding a bun. A healthy no bun cheeseburger. Start off the year eating right but still keeping the foods you like. By omitting the bun you are saving 150 calories minimum on your meal. Adding the extra toppings and sauces add up. Why not omit the bun when it is already empty calories?

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