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Immunity Boosting Foods (Especially for Pregnancy)

Pregnancy life isn’t always the easiest. All the symptoms and different stages we go through is one thing but also making sure you are eating the best foods to keep you and your baby healthy is another! I have been doing research on immunity boosting foods (especially for pregnancy) and compiled a list. Luckily for me, I eat most of these foods always every day!

Citrus Fruits

Anything from grapefruit, oranges, clementines, tangerines, lemons and limes. I always keep lemons and limes at home. Perfect for marinating meats, adding to fish, preparing salads and to make lemon water. Hydrating in the morning with a cup of water and a squeeze of lemon or lime is great for your body.


Of course, we know vegetables are good for you, but specifically red bell peppers, broccoli, spinach and sweet potatoes are great for your immunity.

Red Bell Peppers

Red peppers are rich in vitamin A and C. This vegetable is very versatile. Cut it into slices and eat it raw, on its own or dipped in hummus or your favorite dip! Add it to salads or cook them with your chicken or steak. Want a meatless dinner? Add red peppers to a teriyaki noodle bowl. Anything goes with this vegetable. The best part, is it is a low calorie vegetable!


The vegetable that looks like a tree. Super cool! This is probably one of my favorite vegetables and is full of vitamin C. Steam it, boil it, grill it or broil it! I prefer broiling it or sticking it on the grill. Add some salt and pepper, drizzle with some olive oil and broil for about 12 minutes. My toddler loves it this way!


Not everyone enjoys spinach, but served right it is delicious. An easier way to enjoy this green leaf is to eat it raw in salads or hidden in smoothies. If cooking add some fresh garlic and squeezed lemon or lime. Super delicious with a side steak!

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are a year round root vegetable in my home. As you may already know, I love leftover sweet potatoes with eggs in the morning. YUM! Dice it into small cubes and broil it. Serve as a side vegetable (my kids love it with ketchup) or in a salad! Also a great substitute for regular fries. Just 1/2 a cup gives you enough vitamin A for the day!

Fresh Spices


Garlic is easy to incorporate into your everyday foods. Whether your cooking meat, making pasta sauce or making marinades, garlic is a must. It adds so much flavor to all of your dishes and smells so good!


Have you ever bought ginger tea? Guess what? Homemade ginger tea tastes even better! Ginger is great to boost your immunity. It can be strong but you can always mix it dishes with pasta or make a marinade for your meats. You can also make an immunity shot.


Turmeric is amazing for reducing inflammation. I add it to eggs every time I make them. Adding a pinch does not alter the egg flavor, if you were wondering. Vive Organic Immunity Boost Original Ginger & Turmeric Wellness Shot is another great way to get some vitamins all in one shot. You can find them at Target, any health store or or organic supermarket.



I came around to liking yogurt a few years ago. Yogurt has tons of benefits and there are many different brands to try. My favorite is the stonyfield brand. I prefer the whole milk, since it is creamer and my 2 year old loves it.


Cow’s milk still has many benefits even though the nut milks are considered healthier. One to two servings a day is great for vitamin D and calcium. If you don’t like plain milk, have it in cereal, hot chocolate, oatmeal or cream of wheat!


Almonds and sunflower seeds are also immunity boosting. Almonds are full of vitamin A and E. Both nuts are perfect to serve in cereal , as a snack, in granola, almond milk in smoothies or oatmeal. Sunflower seeds are full of vitamin C and B6. Vitamin B6 is great to reduce nausea.



Ripe papaya is great for constipation, especially during pregnancy! It is sweet and soft, which makes it perfect for smoothies.


Kiwi is full of vitamin C. I love eating it, as is or adding it to smoothies.


One of my pregnancy cravings is fish and I can’t get enough of it. As long as it isn’t raw fish, as in sushi, you are good to go. Lobster and mussel are great for immunity boosting.


The number one immunity boosting food on this list has to be honey. It is great when you have a cold and have a sore throat. Honey has many healing properties, full of antioxidants and is also anti-inflammatory. It is also good for the brain and heart! Fun fact, honey is the only food that does not go bad! Over time it will crystalize but it does not go bad!

Add honey to marinades, tea, use it as a sweetener and add it to your favorite salad dressing. Drizzle it on peanut butter toast or eat it b y the spoonful, like I do.

Green Tea

I usually stick to two different teas but would like to one day enjoy green tea, because it is so good for you. Green tea is great at reducing nausea, its full of antioxidants, helps reduce high blood pressure and also helps with anxiety, to name a few.


Homemade chicken soup is so cozy and delicious. Make it a turkey soup and save leftovers in the freezer. Soup always taste better a day or 2 after its made. Something about the broth in soup, makes us feel better.

What are some of your immune boosting foods you enjoy?

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