4 fishes to try plus meal ideas

4 Fishes To Try and Meal Ideas! (No Meat Challenge!)

My husband and I challenged ourselves to just eat seafood and no meat. We enjoy challenging ourselves each month with different goals. Check out my Challenge Yourself Once A Month post for ideas. This month we challenged ourselves to no meat for a month! Well, we did agree to eat steak for Father’s Day. Therefore, we completed a full 2 weeks without meat! Here are 4 fishes to try and meal ideas! (No Meat Challenge!)

Why Seafood?

Just like any meal, you add meat, substitute for fish instead. We tend to eat chicken and steak pretty regularly, so why not do the same with fish. The benefits of eating fish on a regular basis is so much healthier for our bodies and the environment. Eating fish JUST twice a week helps reduce the risk of having a stroke. Fish is also easy to digest, compared to beef!

The American Heart Association, recommends eating fish twice a week.


What Kinds of Fish?

Chicken is chicken and beef has different cuts, etc but certainly doesn’t have the same variety as fish do. There are hundreds of different fish to try. Some are higher in omega-3, vitamins, magnesium and calcium and some are high in mercury. The fish higher in mercury should be eaten less frequently. However, there are many fish to eat on a regular basis without being high in mercury.


Try salmon for its healthy fats. This is probably my favorite fish. It’s full of flavor and is so versatile! Broil it, put on the grill or cook it right on the stove. Serve it with vegetables, rice or your favorite grains; serve it as tacos or make salmon burgers and of course, there is always salmon salad!


Shrimp is an easy one. Most people like shrimp and cooks in just a few minutes! With shrimp I also like to make salads, stir fry and shrimp tacos! Season them with any flavor and pick ANY side!


Snapper is another fish that is absolutely delicious! It is perfect for a holiday dinner or just to celebrate! Really it’s a must try!

Cod or Any White, Mild Fish

Like shrimp, cod is an easy fish to enjoy. Cod is mild in flavor, which is why so many enjoy this fish. It is easy to dress up with any sauce or seasoning, to your liking. Here are some cod recipe ideas to try!

Meal Ideas

There are so many meal ideas when it comes to fish. Here I am sharing with you the most common fish we see at the grocery store and most people enjoy. Let me know if you would like to try this no meat challenge by eating just seafood!


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