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Kid Friendly Taco Tortellini Recipe

The first time I made taco tortellini was on pure accident. I really wanted tacos but did not have the necessary ingredients. I did have tortellini and taco seasoning, though. This taco tortellini recipe is kid friendly, meatless and easy to make!

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4 Fishes To Try and Meal Ideas! (No Meat Challenge!)

My husband and I challenged ourselves to just eat seafood and no meat. We enjoy challenging ourselves each month with different goals. Check out my Challenge Yourself Once A Month post for ideas. This month we challenged ourselves to no meat for a month! Well, we did agree to eat steak for Father’s Day. Therefore, we completed a full 2 weeks without meat! Here are 4 fishes to try and meal ideas! (No Meat Challenge!)

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5 Minute Vegetable Stir Fry (Meatless Monday)

There are days I don’t want meat or fish. A vegetable stir fry is perfect for a Meatless Monday Meal! Use up all the vegetables you have in your fridge, that you just have a little of. A little of this and that makes a great mix and that includes using up what you would probably through out because it’s not even a serving! It makes the perfect dish in just 5 minutes! Here is my 5 minute vegetable stir fry recipe you should try!

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Lunch/Dinner Sides

Farro with Roasted Vegetables (Meatless Monday)

By now you can see how much I love roasted vegetables. Adding farro to the mix makes it even better. For those nights you don’t want meat. And by that I mean chicken. My husband is perfectly fine having chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner but I get tired of it. This farro bowl is hearty and very filling. You got yourself some nice fall colors in this dish. Very halloweenish if you asked me. All I did was make some roasted vegetables and then realized the halloween colors are all in this dish! HA! In 15 minutes you have all the vegetables you need for a nutritious meal.

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