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Best Beach Foods To Pack

What are the best beach foods to pack? Beach days are fun and can be relaxing if you pack the right stuff, along with food! We all know beach days are hot, long and we tend to get sleepy after such a long day. One thing I can’t leave the house with is food on beach days! Even if I plan to stay for just a few hours, snacks are a must!

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Traveling With Babies And Toddlers

Traveling with babies and toddlers is never a fun idea. You want to be prepared, as much as possible. This was my first time flying with a toddler as I never flew with my older 2 when they were little. This time around we were celebrating my son’s 11th birthday. His birthday gift to Disney. And with a nursing toddler, who is very attached to me, there was no way he was staying behind! Here are my tips, traveling with babies and toddlers!

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