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Setting Goals for the New Year and Sticking to Them

Every year we all set at least one goal we want to accomplish. By the end of January, those goals have been pushed to the end of your priority list. Setting goals for the new year and sticking to them can be done with a few tips.

Revisit Old Goals

At the start of the new year I love to revisit my old goals. It makes perfect sense. I can see what I completed, did not complete and what I am still working on. I can then retweak what I can fix to complete my old goals or just create new goals that align with my current lifestyle. Things change a lot in a year. For example, some of my goals have definitely changed because I am now pregnant.

Set Small Goals

Be realistic and set small goals. With any goal you make, whether at home or work, small goals is the way to go. You can’t expect to be a supervisor and become CEO the following year. I mean anything is possible but realistically this is not the case for most people. Set small goals and check them off as you finish them. Then create a new goal.


If you haven’t already done so, put all your holiday decor away. Decluttering helps your mind to start off with a clean slate. It is difficult to work with a mess. Let alone focus! The month of January is a month of deep cleaning and goal planning for me. You don’t have to set your goals in one day but start writing your thoughts of what you want and where do you see yourself in a year.


I love journals. It’s nice to write your thoughts but also to plan your life. We can’t remember everything we want to accomplish, which is why writing your goals and your daily to do’s is super important. Checking off as you finish your to do’s. I love that!

Should You Set Resolutions this Year?

You may have already watched the news, where they are encouraging people not to make new year resolutions due to another year of COVID and not knowing what the near future holds. The media suggests we should focus on mindfulness. I completely agree but for our own sanity it is important to look forward to something. Which is why setting small goals is better than setting large goals. We should have a few things to distract us from the unknown future. As we don’t know when this pandemic will be over!

Have a happy and safe New Year!

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2 thoughts on “Setting Goals for the New Year and Sticking to Them

  1. I love the cleaning scheduled! I printed out (and laminated, I know, I’m a bit too organized… lol) a cleaning schedule last year and it’s been incredibly helpful. Thank you for all these great tips!

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