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Nut Free School Lunch Ideas and Snacks

Most schools are nut free because of the rise in nut allergies over the years. I decided to update my nut free school lunch ideas blog. Nut-Free meals and snacks also make it more difficult to create meals when you have to check the labels on snacks and ingredients when cooking. These lunch ideas are great for school and work.

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Challenge Yourself Once A Month

Setting goals is a must in my book. I love writing them out in a notebook and crossing them off as I complete them. On top of setting goals, I have added challenges. My husband and I started the month of February with a challenge to omit red meat for the month. His birthday is on the 28th of this month. We will then celebrate his birthday with a nice steak! For me it was not difficult to omit red meat. I almost did forget one day will out but quickly remembered no cheeseburgers allowed! It was definitely harder for him. But when you challenge yourself once a month with someone else, it makes it easier. You have each other to motivate and you work even harder!

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Pregnancy and Baby

Celebrating Baby’s First Birthday/Jungle Theme

How do you celebrate baby’s first birthday? Growing up my mother had birthday parties for my sisters and I every year. My birthday is on New Year’s Eve so there was always a celebration. I however did not keep the tradition for my children. Especially celebrating baby’s first birthday. My tradition is to bake a cake and decorate it. As the they get older the boys pick something they would like to do for their birthday. One year we did indoor skydiving! That was super fun! Anyway, I picked a jungle theme to celebrate my baby’s first birthday!

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